Rape- the blind case

Posted by Monika Vijay Verma
November 3, 2017

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What the hell is going on around our country?

Is there anyone really bothered about what is going on, or are we too blind to see the reality?

Trust me, it is now ridiculous to hear about rape on the news.

I guess this has become normal, daily news for us. Am I right?


I am right for us, the ‘normal’ people, are sitting and just watching this dirty news.

Just think about them who are survivors, their family!

It is tough for all of us to imagine their situation.

Is our country filled with so many animals with human faces?

In Bhopal, a student was raped for three hours. Where is the rapist now?

In another case, an 18-month-old girl who went to her neighbour’s house to play with two children, was raped by that neighbour in front of his own children. What was that?

Is that rapist sleeping peacefully at home??

Maybe. You never know.

Come on people, just be normal human beings, at least. Think about your daughters, sisters, mothers and wives before doing your worst.

I think rapists are mentally ill people who should be given the death penalty. There should be no excuse for them.

I request every girl, if you are facing any harrassment even on road by some comments or bad eyes on you, directly go and file a case, because if you leave those people, then you never know – this small activity might lead to big rapes.

There are female support stations – just go there and be frank, without thinking about your reputation. Because this one step can help some animals to sit at home rather than enjoying free from cage.

One step can lead to the change.

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