Rape victims are humans too

Posted by Gnana Priya
November 18, 2017

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I’ve heard many people talk about rape victims as “she was spoilt” or “he spoiled her” Especially the gossiping desi aunties who made me write this.
what d’you mean by SPOILT?
What is she , a packet of milk that you forgot to place in the fridge last night ? No.
It’s her private body parts those were disturbed and she deserves justice for that but this, noway make her “spoilt” or “low lifed”. She doesn’t need to be put behind a “lable” .she does not want your pity look or sham care but just a normal life for which you need not put in so much effort like you do now. calm down..
The condition of her vagina has no association with the footing of her life or how she is going to be treated in the future. she is, in no way less than the other women. she has all the rights to aspire her dreams like every other lady and not to be looked at or spoken about in a specific manner. the little mumblings, tittle-tattles and speaking behind the affected persons who are fighting for a normal life doesn’t make them weak but you. don’t make their lives miserable by putting them into a pain worse than the rape. dont be the reason for changing the girl’s dream from owning the world’s tallest building to jumping off that.. every word counts and every smile does too!

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