Rejoice about menstrual cycles

November 28, 2017

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For me, menstruation is a natural process and the most beautiful phenomenon. Our blood is neither an injury nor impure to be hide. Many of Indian females still don’t have access to sanitary napkins and hygienic sanitary conditions. If we as women cannot accept this sign of womanhood gracefully, we cannot stop males to make fun of whole phenomenon. These are some of the issues about periods- I don’t call them to be taboos.

I don’t mind sharing my opinion and its manifestation.  Recently, I was wearing light coloured salwar for workplace. I was menstruating that time. While going back as I usually visit washroom, I did that also. After work, I go for Aerobics class. While I was doing aerobics, I noticed a small blood spot in my salwar. I smiled quietly seeing it and did not bother to clean it. I was not afraid that anyone would see it and talk about it. From my aerobics class, my home is at around 2 kms distance. I went as confidently as I should.

I am proud of being a woman – only gender capable of giving birth to new life. The whole process of menstruation empowers the women to generate new life. Rather than being shamed about blood on our clothes, I am happy to embrace it.

One of my colleagues appreciates me for changing her perspective as to hesitation of wearing white or other bright colours during periods. I affirm that the process of menstruation is a blessing for mankind – the basic phenomenon behind human birth. I sincerely want to request the people , they are not orthodox or conventional –they are struck by the lifestyles they have been brought. So lets make a beginning so that young minds are not again making distinction between a menstruating woman and one not in periods. There is scientifically nothing which a woman in her cycles cannot do. So why to stop her, stop me and many like me  from participating in any of the household works, any physical activity, and intimate action.

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