Relationships these days

Posted by Kashish Gupta
November 27, 2017

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Yes I know I am full of flaws

But you promised to make my parent’s your in laws

Then why did you left me

I swear someday you will apologize on your knee

Yes she is sensible, beautiful and talented

Everything you ever wanted

You said,you can never gain on me,that is trust

Towards me,is it only lust?

If calling 24×7is love

Binding my tears from you was ego

Then you can go

I thought to provide you your space

But you always had a double face

If I can trust you even after my second death, then why can’t you?

Hurt is all you always do

Am I that bad?

If yes don’t worry I wouldn’t be sad

Is she that good?

And she should

She said and did all I ever wanted

Then our 3 years are all wasted

You deserve love more than I did

You and she will look together vivid..

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