Role of corporate social responsibility in improving brand image

Posted by Shilpa Mandal
November 27, 2017

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Corporate social responsibility means to help the organization of the society financially, economically and to maintain good reputation and positive image of the society. In today’s days corporate social responsibility is very essential to hold the brand image by creating a positive image towards the view of the target audience. For launching a new product and service this corporate social responsibility plays a vital role in creating a brand image .It helps to create the brand image in many ways which are as follows:

No one knew about the new product which is going to launch in the market to spread the awareness about the new product among the target audience.

Corporate Social Responsibility helps to grab the attention of the target audience by creating a positive image about the new product. Corporate social responsibility helps to create an impression about the product which is different from the other product. Brand image is associated with the name of the product. It helps to create  a  positive image of the product rather than the negative image. For example- “Volvo” is associated with safety whereas Toyota is associated with reliability. Corporate social responsibility helps to recognize the brand name which is stuck in the customer’s mind.

Corporate social responsibility helps in many ways to create a brand image about the product or service many products which is going to launch or will be launching in the market awareness is must among target audience and it is possible through corporate social responsibility. It plays a vital role in creating brand reputation, brand recognition, brand loyalty as well as positive image about the brand in customer’s point of view.

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