Safety tips while playing cricket

Posted by deepa bisht
November 26, 2017

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A small ball being bowled by the bowler at a high speed to a batsman returns in the favor with more velocity that can cause danger to the player.  So that is the only reason why it is said that the players should take care of some of the safety tips. There have sadly been many injuries such as fractures/ bruising while playing cricket. Not only this, you have also aware of high profile deaths in this game.

A player needs to be physically fit for the game as he has to play it for many hours.  As well as he needs to follow some safety tips to prevent his body from injuries, sprains, and fractures. Injuries to lower arm and elbows are so common when you are batting, and if you are a bowler, then you can prone to lower limb and back injuries like stress and ankles fractures. To make the game safer, the cricket player should remember some rules and precautions. When players know the safety rules of cricket, they will face fewer injuries.

  •    Prepare not only physically but mentally well for the game.
  •    Warm up and stretch up is a must before the match starts.
  •    Drink water before and after the play.
  •    Don’t play in wet and extreme heat conditions. If possible, game should be postponed.
  •    Both, the batsman and the wicket-keeper should wear a helmet with a faceguard.
  •    Bowlers should warm up before their spell of bowling.
  •    Use of sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen in an appropriate way.
  •    Before playing the match on the ground, check that the field is clean or not. If there is any broken glass, hazards etc. remove them.
  •    A first aid kit should be always ready all the time.
  •    The players should use equipment that are safe and correct so that they should not face any problem.
  •    There should be telephone access at all times. If in case, any incident happens immediately call the ambulance.

If you or someone else is injured:

  •    Make sure players are fully rehabilitated before returning to play.
  •    Wear a brace for at least some months after serious joint injuries.
  •    Eliminate injured players from the ground instantly.
  •    Seek quick attention from qualified first aid personnel.

Things to remember

The most common kinds of injuries suffered while playing cricket are fractures, strains, open wounds, bruising, sprains, and bruising. Many of these injuries affect the upper portion of the player, particularly the hands and fingers.

  •    Cricket is often played in hot environments over many hours, so it is necessary to safeguard players from heat stress, sun damage, and dehydration.
  •    Use the right method and techniques to play this game.
  •    Use equipment like pads, helmet etc. for the sport that can prevent injury.

If you are a cricket lover and love playing it, then you need to follow the above-mentioned safety tips to avoid injuries and uncertainty. These tips will help you a lot and you will not injure while playing your favorite game.

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