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Send Legal Notice @ Rs.999 – By Top lawyers in your city‎

Posted by Nidhi Kumari
November 9, 2017

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A legal notice is a notification to the receiver of an existing dispute between him and the sender. We commonly hear people tell each other that, “I’ll see you in court”. A legal notice is the first step to resolution of civil disputes. A legal notice provides a medium to the sender to communicate his grievances and nuances to the receiver. It is basically a warning to the receiver that if he does not take the necessary action to pacify the sender then a legal recourse may be taken against him. A legal notice also provides the receiver an information about the grievances of the receiver. It expresses the sender’s grievances and often helps simplify legal issues. The Court considers an unanswered legal notice as the basis of default and suspicion on the receiver’s part.

  • Steps to send a Legal Notice 

A legal Notice can be sent for various reasons like to recover money, avail services offered and not provided, evict a tenant, against a negligence of the authorities etc.

  1. The legal notice must be drafted in a precise court format and can be sent through an advocate or by the individual himself.
  2. It must be directly addressed to the receiver and must be sent to his place of work or his place of residence through registered post.
  3. A brief yet clear account of the events that led to sending the notice must be given.
  4. All previous communications pertaining to the notice must be clearly mentioned.
  5. A reasonable time must be given to receiver to appease sender of the notice before any legal action be initiated against him.
  6. A time period i.e. 30 to 60 days must be given to the receiver to either send a reply notice or for negotiating or performing the necessary action.
  7. The sender must keep a duplicate copy of the notice.
  8. Essentially all legal notices have a similar format with minor differences.

Benefits of the package

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