Posted by Nancy Bansal
November 19, 2017

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She was restless
Her face was pallid,she had big dark circles under her beautiful eyes, I could see how hard she was trying to open her eyelashes.
Though I was relieved to see a faint smile on her face that my home coming had bought to her.
She was looking weak. she really was.
Last time when I had come home, I asked her to go and see some doctor But she denied just as this time she will.

And miles away, I had no care for her. I was tensed and relaxed for my own days and nights,never thought about what does she go through each day.
Every inch of her body cries in pain.
People talk about mental pain and then physical pain, she goes through both and in return, gets nothing.

She had wings. She is still left with some feathers but she knows that soon they too will go. For, her life has been destined this way.
Everytime, i hug her, I can inhale the essence of sweat rolling down her bare body.
She cries in her own murmuring sound. she tried a lot hard to raise her voice but could only get failure. Such a princess she was. Born in a lower middle class family, always keen to learn and grown,eldest among her 5 siblings. she always tried to adjust herself. Her never complaining behaviour always attracted people from all lands. She was a pure beauty. Now, she is a Beaten Beauty.

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