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SHOCKING NEWS! Female Comic leaves show unharmed…

Posted by Aayushi Jagad
November 19, 2017

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That title doesn’t have much to do with the post. Or maybe it does. Or maybe I know, and I’m just not telling you.

There’s been a lot of talk about sexism in comedy. There’s been so much debate if it does, doesn’t or whether it was fabricated aka “fake news”.

My name is Aayushi. And I’m a comic. Oh wait. Sorry, I should refer to myself the way everyone else does. I’m a ‘female’ comic.

It’s not like we’re getting raped and sexually harassed every time we do a show. And I know I sound cavalier about this, but it’s true.

Is that where the buck stops, though? Must we wait for that moment? In my opinion, the problem is systemic. In the ironic sexism, and the ‘it’s just a joke’ comments.

And so I answer the burning question.

Is there sexism in comedy? Yes! Thank you folks, that’s my time.

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