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So Many Problem?

Posted by Kanan Parmar
November 27, 2017

NOTE: This post has been self-published by the author. Anyone can write on Youth Ki Awaaz.

Today my 2AM thoughts were different.Nothing poetic unlike any other day!

Couldn’t help myself, but wail. “Why was I blessed with all the problems in the world?” said inner me, sobbing in distress and pain.

I wept and my pillow knew it all.Keeping no track of when I lost my consciousness,I slept.

Woke up at 6 to discover a pill on my hand with a note attached to it reading-

“Too many problem? Fed up your life? The rules are simple then. Put this pill in your mouth to walk into someone else’s shoes, to wake up as them.Spit the pill out to get back to your own life!”

The very next thing I did was that any normal human being would do.I put the pill in my mouth.

And then so happy to wake up as my best friend, Shreya.

Always aspired a life like hers and being a person like her.We shared problems, but unlike me, she was pretty and humble and a girl who had every guy around her crushing on her.But it was only her social life that made her a star.I realized she didn’t have a family like mine.She had a dad who never cared if his daughter was home.She had a mom who never really if her daughter had her dinner.

I didn’t want to be Shreya after that. So I spit the pill out!

Waking up,I was contended on seeing my family waiting for me for Sunday’s family breakfast.

I  put the pill in my mouth again.

I woke up as my crush’s girlfriend- Shruti. Well, I envied her,anyone would but at least being Shruti felt good because I get to date my crush. Also she was one of the most talented person. She was a perfectionist. Right from being the class topper to winning beauty contests in college, she excelled at in every field. I hated being Shruti because she was labelled as the class slut for being friendly with the opposite gender.

I didn’t want to be Shruti after that, so I spit the pill out.

Waking up, I realized, I had classmates who were open-minded and accepted me the way I was.

I put the pill in my mouth again.

This time I woke up as Aryan, my cousin. He was the most loved member of the family. Why? Well because he was a kind of guy who could crack the JEE and get a ranking that could get him to the best colleges in India.Indian families love studious juvenile.But being Aryan was tough because it was arduous to bury myself in books all night all day. I couldn’t live my teenage or any phase of life happily.

I didn’t want to be Aryan after that, so I spit the pill out.

Waking up, I was happy that I balanced both, my academics and social life.

I put the pill in my mouth again.

This time I woke up as the kid in my neighborhood, Ayan! What problems would a 6 year old have in their life! And that too being an adorable boy. Children are always happy and tension free. But Ayan had problems that even in our deepest imaginations we wouldn’t think of ! When was the last time you heard about a child being sexually abused? Well I experienced it being Ayan! The little boy who learnt to fake a smile at this age was all silenced.

I didn’t want to be Ayan after that,so I spit the pill out.

And now,

I just wanted to live as me because it was now that I realized that it wasn’t my cup of tea to walk into someone else’s shoes. Everybody wears different sizes of shoes.

Only when I thought that I had all the problems in the world, the veil was removed and I realized that people around me had problems that I couldn’t even think of!

You turn towards your left you find a problem. You turn towards your right you find another problem. Well look, in front of, there’s a person with problems you can’t even think of!

So many problems? Look around there is a solution too!

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