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Posted by Jennifer Clerk
November 27, 2017

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  • Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are actually tuberous crops.They are scientifically known as Ipomoea batatas and grow as a tuberous root of the plant which is a creeper with heart-shaped leaves.While the red variety of the sweet potato is drier and hard-fleshed,the white and yellower types have juicier flesh.

  • Nutritional constituents of sweet potatoes
  • The main components are complex sugars called carbohydrates which make up 53% of the nutrient constitution of sweet potatoes.Simple sugars such as glucose,fructose,sucrose and maltose make up another 32% of the carb content.
  • Nearly 80% of starch available from sweet potato is easily broken down and absorbed while 12% of starch remain resistant,escaping digestion and instead feeding the friendly gut bacteria.
  • Sweet potatoes also consist of a chemical called beta-carotene which gets converted to Vitamin-A once consumed and can fulfil our daily requirements with just a small proportion of serving.
  • In comparison of regular potatoes,sweet potatoes are more satiating,contain higher amounts of sugar,fibre and Vitamin-A.Fibre supplied helps in reducing diabetes and decreasing food intake while promoting gut health.
  • Health Benefits Of Sweet Potatoes
  • Improve digestion:-The fibre content in sweet potatoes is higher than that available in common potatoes.It consists of minerals like magnesium and acts as an excellent facilitator,for digestion.Since the starch content quite high in sweet potato,it enables an easier digestion.They are usually very soothing to the stomach and intestines.
  • Helps in building weight:-These contain vast amounts of starch,are rich in healthy vitamins and proteins and helps in easing digestion.Hence they provide a lot of energy and can help build a bulky mass.In fact even recently cured patients must include sweet potatoes in their diets as they have no side-effects and naturally help you to regain your body mass.
  • Treat inflammation:-Due to presence of carotene and magnesium,sweet potatoes also have excellent anti-inflammatory properties,helping in treating both internal and external inflammation.
  • Immunity booster:-Boasting of high carotene levels which are powerful anti-oxidants;sweet potatoes help boost your immune system efficiently.
  • Asthma relief:-They help relieve nose,lungs and bronchial congestions,thereby relieving asthma.The strong aromatic characteristic is a leading contributor to this property.Sweet potatoes,due to their sweetness and other properties are known for being capable of warming up the body.This is highly beneficial for those suffering from bronchitis.
  • Effectively reduce arthritis pain:-Zinc,Vitamin-B and beta-carotene helps in relieving arthritis pain.The water in which sweet potatoes are boiled can also be externally applied on the region of pain.
  • The roughage in sweet potatoes help prevent constipation and resultant acid formation thereby reducing the chances of stomach ulcers.Also the roughage helps body in retaining water.This maintains water balance in body and keeps the body hydrated.
  • Sugar control:-Usually,sweet potatoes help in regulating blood sugar levels by helping in proper secretions and functions of insulin.Although they can be consumed as a substitute for rice,indiscriminate consumption must not be allowed.
  • Cardiac benefits:-They are good for the health of arteries and veins as they protect the vessel walls against hardening.High concentrations of beta-carotene and potassium is excellent for cardiac health.

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