Something is missing

Posted by Ayush Garg
November 14, 2017

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One day,
You’ll come out of that fantasy world;
You’ll realize it’s not the same.
One day,
you’ll see yourself through my eyes;
You’ll discern I was never wrong;
You’ll then feel,
the deep darkness of your eyes;
Their calmness;
How they​ giggle when you smile;
Oh! That breathtaking smile.
One day,
You’ll perceive;
That you strayed inside yourself.
One day,
You’ll get frustrated;
Abiding inside that box of your fears,
With all your secrets.
Suffocating by;
Gloom of your insecurities.
One day,
You’ll get exhausted,
Pretending that everything is sublime.
One day,
Your emotions will burst out;
and those tears through your eyes
Shall give you back;
The light behind your eyes,
Which you Lost
Through your fight.
One day,
Your heart will skip a beat,
and you’ll actualize;
There is something missing.


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