Statements of Restlessness

Posted by Yadav Prateek
November 12, 2017

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In the mindless dawn of thought,

Swimming across the ocean of oppression,

In the restless bed of self-loath,

Breathing out the air of sensation,

Pa! I don’t like dreaming anymore.

In the chauvinistic mind of chaos,

Shouting out the hate of unknown,

In the engulfed water of self-loss,

Holding in the thoughts of being forgiven,

Pa! I don’t like thinking anymore.

In the lifeless roads of lights,

Walking down the dreams of masses,

In the sung cries of knights,

Running towards the ambition of classes,

Pa! I don’t like closing my eyes anymore.

In the lonesome room of festivals,

Screaming at the walls of mirror,

In the loud silence of sentinels,

Yelling outward the frustration of anger,

Pa! I don’t like talking anymore.

In the cold wind of self-realisation,

Sensing in the warmth of within,

In the numbing mind of cannibalism,

Touching the weighted soul of ream,

Pa! I don’t like feeling anymore.

In the damping mud of questions,

Loosing in the clouds of ambitions,

In the shinning darkness of limitations,

Watching the dreamed hopes of generations,

Pa! I don’t like learning anymore.

In the cutting winds of request,

Eating in the dine of flesh,

In the vomiting chirping of the nest,

Rending the burning wings of self,

Pa! I don’t like flying anymore.

In the dark forest of emotions,

Scavenging in the gorge of eyes,

In the brightening cave of limitations,

Snatching the freeing limbs of lies,

Pa! I don’t like exploring anymore.

In the lost silhouette of curse,

Closing in the shiver of regulations,

In the reflected blackout of verse,

Crying the dried tears of definitions,

Pa! I don’t like learning anymore.

In the enthusiastic crowd of dreams

Hustling in the gist of goals

In the shinning night of rims

Enforcing the tireless noose of souls

Pa! I don’t like sleeping anymore!

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