Posted by Girl Girl
November 9, 2017

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A girl , no matter what name she has ,what matters is the story behind it.
Starting from her birth then good childhood days then the teenage age of her.
Everything seems to be so sorted when one doesn’t enter the late teenage i.e almost when one gets “matured”. Matured? Matured in what? Matured in hiding feelings? Matured in suppressing thoughts? Matured in learning ‘how to live in society’? Matured in lying to yourself? Matured in how to not do what you feel? Matured in doing only what your parents say? Matured in learning the only sequence of girl’s life? Matured in not speaking up what you want to do ?
Yes , the girl is “mature” now.
As a girl was in her teenage age , she fallen in love with a boy who was her best friend . But the whole scenario was just between her and her heart. At end what happened ? Heartbreak . Yes, she was heartbroken . It was her first heartbreak but she couldn’t even share with her mom . Why? Because she thought mom will not understand it and will literally kill that boy (typical moms) . Few months later the heartbreak healed with time but what happened next was she fell in love once again after so much struggle with her heart. But this time the love was not one-sided , it was from both the sides but she couldn’t trust him easily because of her last experience . But the boy trusted her and understood her emotions and supported her and the girl loved this boy the most even more than her first love. She gradually became sure about her love . And relationship took place. This time too , she didn’t share it with her mom . But the hardest of her times started as her parents got to know about this relationship . Her life after that was like a hell .
WHY? Just because she was in a relationship? Is it a crime? Or the society will not accept ? Or the parents now can not rule over her?
Her parents pretended to be the most “cool parents” on this planet but were against her . They stopped her from going out with any of her friends . They lost trust from their girl. The girl was in depression because before this incident her parents used to be the coolest parents on this planet and gave freedom but after this her freedom was lost , lost from her dictionary . She was almost broken but her partner still supported her and cherished her . Then to come out of this drama she lied to her parents that the person she loves gone abroad for his higher studies .
Parents were calmed down but not completely . Her life still not completely came out of a jail.
The girl suffered so much just because of the relationship as if this was a crime. The girl is still suffering as she cannot go anywhere whenever she wants to. She cannot share feelings as this time she was sure that nobody will understand. She always have to take permission for every single thing she does though she is 19 years old now.
She never shows her emotions to her parents . But what use? She always cries her tears out at night instead of sleeping .
She is suffering and suffering and only suffering .
This needs to be stopped . Parents should know when to give freedom and when to not. They should know they are minimising their child’s experiences of life. They are stopping their child to see the real world.
A 19 year old girl is not a child now , she is mature enough to handle the world and to experience the real life .
P.s- she is still in relationship with that boy who never left her for her complicated life . They both are happy together and struggling together.
But this definition of a matured girl needs to be changed.
Not only this girl , there are many more girls out there struggling for their freedom .
Freedom is their right.

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