Suicide is the problem not the solution

Posted by Era Gupta
November 23, 2017

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Student toiled very hard to arrive at their expectations
But he could give them nothing more than cremation

Peasant’s produce hit its worst shot and abandoned him with a despotic debt
He didn’t wait and elected the way to death

A fatality female of abduction; act of assailant
She; amplifying her voice on second thought, favored being eternally silent

A lad with a sterling literacy
The deprivation of méiter pushed him to suicidal idiocy

That honeyed hoary haired couple when jilted by their own blood
In the lack of stoicism, spated their own blood

Really! Was it so facile to conclude this way?
Will it serenely construct a more merrier day?
NEVER! always be the response of the valiant
No on anyone, they are exclusive of self reliant

Trivial cowards are lured by suicide
Pitiable convicts of self homicide
Can’t even reconcile to an only life
Leaving shield of gallantry they pick up the knife

Seldom they are being called scapegoat
Fail to recall, they are someone’s source of oat
Spineless; easily overlook their charge
Pushing their close ones into cerebral hazard

Doom evacuates no one ever
Its too lovely and its too clever
Clocks us in our brutal parts
Also rewards us with fruity tarts

Student could have weighed up with elderly
Peasant could have waited for another season barely
Girl could have forged ahead to revenge
Lad could have longed for an impulsive syringe

Old ones could have availed succour
In that cases, they wouldn’t have suffered

Countermeasure always lies within
Coming apart at the seams is the augury of weakling
Audacious, Spirited ; lead the life’s war
Never underestimate who you are

Don’t dispirit others by self execution
It’s only a critical problem not the solution
Whenever you encounter an unresolved sin
For a while slam your eyes, the answer lies within
– Era

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