Sunshine and Dew Drops

Posted by Varunahuja
November 13, 2017

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Remember how i told you

That you are my sunshine

And how you lighten up my world?


So if you notice

When the suns shine

Every flower blooms

Each bird breaks into a delightful sing song

Dew drops fall on edges

Of petals, grass and roses all along

Like tiny drops of pearl

They bring a joy in the fresh morning breeze

When you run your hands through

It feels like a whole universe

Right there on your palms

For you to dive into


So everytime you cry

For every benign bane that you face

I hope you know that

Every tear that pops

Is a new dew drop

Through which a flower would bloom

A fresh morning would rise

But most of all

Where my soul would crash and reside.

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