Posted by Ravi Raizada
November 13, 2017

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I opened the door and quietly sneaked in not knowing what lay behind those closed doors. And there she was sitting on the bed, with a notebook on her lap and a pen in her hand. She was chewing her bottom lip probably engrossed in some deep thinking, a frown on her face and wrinkling her forehead. Suddenly I am startled to realize that I have been standing there for quite some time just staring at her and admiring her. And she looked up at me with those doe like eyes of her and again I am lost in those pools of endless abyss which can show hundreds of emotions without speaking anything. She asked me “What are you looking at ? ”
I smiled at her and replied “You.”
She blushed prettily and a rosy tinge appeared on her cheeks.
I walked towards her and sat down beside her. She leaned her head on my shoulder and we sat together. As I walk down the memory lane I remember the first time I saw her. I was sitting on the first bench in the class studying. Suddenly a girl came huffing and puffing and entered the class, she passed by me as I glanced at her and sat down on the last bench. It was not a very special event but somehow, something tugged at my heart looking at that girl. It became a regular occurrence. I always sat on first bench and she always sat on the last. I used to sometime steal a glance at her but we were not friends.
A year passed by and we started talking a little as both of us were in same class. A tentative friendship started between two strangers. We did not even realize when those small talks changed into night long conversations. I started opening up to her, showing my vulnerable side bring my soul to her and she did the same. Finally I confessed my love for her. She looked at me with thousands of emotions swirling in her eyes and said “I can’t” and my world shattered into millions of pieces without a sound. She said to me “My heart is broken beyond healing and I can’t love with a broken heart.” As I saw her I realized I love her with my everything and I will never let her go. So I stayed with her loving her, watching her, healing her, hearing her anguished cries and heart wrenching sobs. We became best of friends. I had found love in friendship and she had found friendship in love. But then time to say goodbye came nearer and I realized I am going to lose a part of myself and I said to her “I don’t want to lose you sunshine”  and that day she looked at me and said “You won’t.” I felt complete that day. I look at her now she is fast asleep. As I sneak out of the door so as not to disturb her I’m still thinking how can I be so lucky.

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