SURVIVE! SMILE! LET GO! #delhismog

Posted by Tazien sanwari
November 14, 2017


Socio-culture of the world is discussing about the similar topics everywhere undeniably because all of us are suffering with isolation or loneliness in-spite of having a population of 7.5 billion all over the globe. “The world has become a small village since the introduction of internet” unfortunately has closed the doors of emotional interaction for the human. All of a sudden on this earth an old couple is walking alone on the street, the parents are working day and night for their children to give them ‘material benefits’, a child’s mirthless smile is the only pleasure.

Don’t worry guys .. human has researched and developed every possible cure for almost all the ailment, literacy has been spread to the deepest village and food is in reach to most of the humans on earth but only the 200 million of the people live without proper food..How much does it matter ..let’s concentrate on the people within reach of food and clothing .. they’re satisfied that they at least have a free air to breathe..till now no need to pay for it.. sometimes they can only have polluted air..but fine! What does it matter.. the cigarette is the stress relieving stick and cost less than the tree sapling. Look around once.. you can easily find people mocking on each other, spending time creating jokes on politics, bullying animals and having fun with the alcohol glass in their hands. They are very happy ..and have proved that “survival of the fittest” is only possible when you smile and Let go.. Some people are there to fight for the miserabilities, stupid jerks.. ruining their lives shouting for the worthless ‘equality’, ‘justice’, ‘freedom’, ‘pollution’, ‘education’..etc.. which are the only words to be debated in schools and news channels.. Let’s go to the bar, or experience an adventure, read the crime novels, and have thrill in the misleading action of the politicians.That’s life.. that’s humanity.. that’s what we have to do ..survive let go. because when you don’t care,it doesn’t bothers too.


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