Meet 7 Young Indian Changemakers Who’re Challenging The Way We See The World

Ideas are a curious thing. When triggered, they have the power to transform the entire world.

Nikheel Aphale

Here is a platform to make great ideas accessible! A beautiful journey and an opportunity to be enthralled by the words and wisdom of those who nurture their ideas fondly, like:


Nikheel Aphale is passionate about calligraphy and letterforms, especially the Devanagari script. He has designed many book covers for leading publishers from India using calligraphy and handwriting. His calligraphy practice primarily emphasizes on the abstraction of letterforms, which further gets translated into different mediums, be it paintings, logos or products. Nikheel religiously collects matchboxes, vintage stuff, plain-notebooks. For him, calligraphy is a purely spiritual experience. The way his pen, inks, paper and hand interact – is indeed a play of action and reaction!


Karan Vaish

Hardly 3 years out of college, Karan Vaish is the lead systems engineer for the TeamIndus Lunar Rover – ECA. His forte, mechanical engineering, and experiences in designing quite a few unmanned rover systems throughout professional, university and school years, landed him with the opportunity to design an actual rover fit for space flight back in 2013. Aided by veterans from the Indian Space Research Organization and backed by a team of dozen engineers, he is the youngest engineer to build a rover ready for space flight, due launch in the first quarter of 2018. His objective – ensuring that TeamIndus’s lunar rover, ECA, traverses at least 500 meters of the lunar surface and sends back High Definition imagery data.


Reshma Valliappan is the protagonist of the PSTB documentary: “A Drop of Sunshine”, which is based on her true story of recovery and living with schizophrenia without medications. Being compared to John Nash as ‘A Beautiful Mind, yet again’, she is an artist with a beat of her own. Her book, an autobiographical account of her life before being diagnosed with schizophrenia, is “Fallen, Standing: My Life as a Schizophrenic”. The book is a first of its kind on schizophrenia, shedding light on the issues of stigma, human rights, legal rights and what it means to live without medications. Today, Reshma is an artist-activist for a number of issues related to mental health, disability, sexuality and human rights, and is the co-founder of The Red Door.

Reshma Valiappan


Reema Ahmad, Co-founder of Candidly, works towards building an understanding of prevalent attitudes on gender and sexuality as they manifest in media and through culture. In the process, she hopes to raise awareness and question existing stereotypes, without creating an atmosphere of fear, guilt or shame – feelings that are often associated with sexuality, gender and abuse. Reema believes that silence fuels misconception and stereotypes, and the only way forward, is candidly.

Reema Ahmed


A vocalist of a Delhi based band, The Circus, Abhishek Bhatia has also been producing his own electronic music and has finally decided to take it live in the Curtain Blue avatar. Fusing haunting vocal melodies with skillfully produced, textural percussive elements, he aims to create a textural blend which can uniquely be called his own. The hunt for his own unique sound has seen Abhishek strike a brave venture into a weird, wonderful and unchartered territory of modern electronica where no Indian producer has really succeeded. He has been hailed to fall somewhere between Apparat and Jon Hopkins, 2 parts soundtrack-y and melancholic and 2 parts fine, detailed production. Over the last couple of years, he has performed at a number of festivals in India and abroad, including The Great Escape Festival at Brighton, UK and Bacardi NH7 Weekender.

Curtain Blue AKA Abhishek Bhatia


Faculty at Films and Theatre Personality, and a multi-award- winning actor and playwright, Zorian Cross has starred in over thirty productions, four short-films, written over a dozen scripts and directed ten plays – all in a short span of 7 years. His first original play, “The Coming Out”, not only became a local sensation at the 2011 Short and Sweet Delhi Theatre Festival but also won him the Best New Talent Award for acting and writing.With his art stemming from his supreme confidence in his sexuality and the pain of his past, Zorian Cross plans to revolutionize the Delhi theatre scene.

Zorian Cross


Amitabh Mall, Partner & Director at the Boston Consulting Group has, for a long time, been observing the best leaders of the world in action, and understands the heart of what truly matters for them. Being an avid reader, Amitabh has been studying writers for a long time and has been a participant in the Iowa Summer Writer’s Festival where he noted a writer’s approach to life. Look forward to knowing more about the six things that business leaders can learn from writers as he reveals some great insights in his talk!

Amitabh Mall

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