1. When You Show Your Donor The First Impact Assessment Report

Impact assessment report-gif


2. When Your Donor Tells You To Partner With Another Nonprofit



3. What Your Executive Director Thinks He Sounds Like


What he actually sounds like

4. When Your Colleagues Nominate You To Petition Management For An Air Conditioner

Air conditioner-gif


5. What Asking For CSR Funding Looks Like


What it feels like


6. Your Finance Manager During The Audit

During the audit-gif


And after the audit:

After the audit-gif


7. When An HNI Wants To Volunteer At Your Nonprofit


8. Your Hotshot New Recruit From The Corporate Sector


9. What Your Team Looks Like In The Funding Proposal

funding proposal-gif


What your team actually looks like

Funding proposal2-gif


10. When Your Executive Director Decides That He Needs To Step In And ‘Help’ The Team Meet Its Midnight Deadline