Thanks, Dad, For Always Being There!

Posted by Nidhi Mahajan
November 27, 2017

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I Love You

From teaching me how to walk, even to dance, you showed me different ways to stand on my own feet. A dad’s job is not only to protect his little girl, but also to ensure that protection remains even when one day he is not around. I know, you are watching me and my safety cover from heaven!

Thank you, Dad, for letting me learn from my mistakes

I still remember those days when you would endlessly stand beside me while I struggled to keep my bicycle straight— how you would insist on leaving my hand because you felt I was big enough to ride solo and would only learn to stand by falling! And how, when I perfectly rode without falling, you jumped up in elation and shouted “Yipee!”

How can I forget that how after my first-year college exams, you forced me to learn driving which you considered necessary to become independent? And even though, my driving caused scratches to your favourite car, you laughed it off and said, “Pay it back with your first paycheque.”

Thank you, Dad, for trusting me

Be it choosing the birthday cake or stream after passing the Xth exam, you held my hand and let me do what I wanted to do. Though you gave me the freedom to make decisions; I know how much you had to fight with mom to get her consent.  

Thank you, Dad, for trusting me

Whether it is scoring low in an exam or losing a competition, you always stood there like a rock. There were some low-moments also when I doubted on my capabilities. But you always encouraged and told me, “Pick yourself up, you are not meant to defeat. I trust you that you will change your fate.” You always used to ignite that fire which made me jump back on the horse.

Thank you, Dad, for always being there

I still remember that day when I told you my dream of going abroad for my higher education. Like a proud father, you asked me to focus on my dream without worrying about money. But destiny played its game, and you suffered a major cardiac arrest. Thankfully, doctors saved you!

Though, I always knew how important family was for you, what I did not know that you had planned for things like death and ailments as well. When mom was fretting over medical bills, you asked us not to worry about expenses as you had a term insurance policy. You gave me the policy number and asked to contact the insurer who later asked us to submit some documents, and in a few days, the insurance money was paid to us. Mom used that money to pay medical bills. Even the payout took care of home loan EMI and credit card bills. It was because of your term insurance policy that mom did not need to dig into savings.

Thank you, Dad, for telling me that love never dies

The term insurer paid again when you left us alone in this world. The policy benefits were enough to take care of household expenditure. Now when I am going to marry in a few months, your term insurance policy will take care of it as well. But I am not sure of one thing—how would I take that walk around the aisle without you beside me?

Dad, though, you were not there to dance with me when I landed a job with a foreign news channel, I know you would have shown your signature dance moves to angels in heaven. Your absence devastated us emotionally, but you never let it affect us financially. Of course, term insurance couldn’t help us emotionally, but it did replace the income on which we were dependent.

Thank you, Dad, for being my world and my angel. A Big Thank You for Always Being There!

Yours Little Girl

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