The balloon sellar

Posted by Neha Singh
November 16, 2017

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I was waiting for cab with my friend. In our hands were cakes and bouquets. Just then I saw a boy ( probably 10 years old) with couple of balloons in his hands. It reminded me of someone at home who loves balloons. So I asked him the cost of one. He replied back with enthusiasm that the price was 10 rupees each. We often come across such kids in out daily lives. Some straight away ask for money. I have known some to deny food being offered to them, as they rather have cash in their hands. When I asked him if he just had two left. He again replied back ‘ didi mei aur fula deta hoon aapke liye’. I asked him to give me four. In the mean time I asked him if he just works or goes to school as well. He said he works to support his family and studies in a school as well. His father is suffering from TB. I was lost for words. I thought of offering him something to eat as he looked hungry. In the meantime his another friend came along who also had bunch of balloons in his hands. I wanted to buy all the balloons they had. I don’t know why I did not. Maybe next time I will. While I was wondering what to give then to eat, my friend who was now taking care of all the stuff and speaking to the the cab driver on phone called me and asked me to get coupons of gol gappe for both of them. I got the coupons. When I gave the coupons for both of them. He said thank you didi. I just looked in as he gave the coupon to the vendor. He was asked which type of gol gappe he wanted to eat (options being sooji or aata). He said any would do. He didn’t make a choice. He was happy for what he was being offered. In all this time, nor did it once seemed he had any complaints. I for one complain a lot. Lately my health (/or the lack of it) has literally driven me crazy. The balloon sellar kid taught me a valuable lesson. Less complaints and dealing with life. Thanks kid. All this happened in front of bakers lounger, sector 8,Chandigarh. Next time you can buy balloons and offer something to these strong kids.
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