Posted by Rithik Goel
November 12, 2017

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One early winter morning, a small cheer noise spread in the room of a hospital and faces outside the room went up with smiles. The “Sinoret” family was blessed with a baby boy. When the mother took him in her arms and the child smiled with the warmth around him and mother kissing the forehead of the boy (speaking softly), “My baby.”

The father viewing this scenario was filled with full emotions and hugged both and exclaimed with joy “Now we have a family.” The boy was named as Ashley Sinoret.

Soon the doctors came up with the reports of the child to the father and told him that the child is a healthy one but has a weird mark on his left shoulder. The father was happy and amazed at the same time. In this amusement, he asked the doctor what kind of mark is it? The doctor did not recognise the mark properly and just explained it as a layout of something and further added that it’s a kind of BIRTH MARK.

The child growing up slowly and steadily faced a lot of difficulties with that Mark, the itching left his body out of his control and the parents tried everything to make it normal. The doctors were left jaw dropped after seeing such a case as no medicine worked over that mark. The mark depicted the layout of the Dragon, sometimes it became red hot or cold as ice but the boy survived it like a warrior.

The Parents took the boy to his bedroom after visiting the doctor that night and made him comfortable on his bed. The father told Ashley waving hand over his hairs, everything will be alright. And soon they left the room.

Ashley kept his nerve calm after hearing his father words but the mark didn’t stop disturbing him so he softly touched it and whispered “Dragon” and whoooop he disappeared and landed in a village many centuries back.

Ashley became unconscious after landing there and was found by the villagers. They took him under the shelter and sprinkled some drops of water on his face and he woke up worriedly looking here and there. Where am I? he asked. You are in the Ambush Village son, a woman replied with a soft voice.

The moment became awkward for all of them present there as neither Ashley knew how did he reach there from his room and nor the villagers as to who the boy is and where he came from. Ashley tends to leave the place but falls due to some stones on the way and his shirt gets torn off and the mark becomes visible to the villagers, all their eyes wide open after seeing that mark all of them came running towards him shouting SAVIOUR!! SAVIOUR!!

The boy was shocked by the behaviour of the villagers and surprised also as they knew about that mark on his shoulder. With curiosity, he asked them about the mark he was carrying with him since last 16 years. Clouds came to the village with the rumble of thunder and downfall started. Everyone starts running towards their rooms as the dragons came out of their dens opening their wings and flying high in the sky. Ashley was appal to see such a view where the dragons were screaming under the lightning, suddenly he was pulled inside a room by a boy.

Sit here, the boy said to Ashley. What was that? Ashley asked. This is the time when the dragons are let out of their dens to enjoy the weather and sometimes they hunt for food so we remain inside our rooms, the boy explained.

Ashley took a note of it but still was haunted by the question of the mark so he asked the boy next to him about it. The boy told him about their leader who is building the empire of dragons for himself so that he can rule with more power and a comfort zone for himself and who so ever ignores the work he asks for, he/she is put in front of the dragons as food. But how does he control them, Ashley asked him. He controls them with a Dragon’s glove which almost each dragon bows before, except the HORNTAIL which is known to be the most powerful Dragon of all and he can be controlled only by his own Glove which the leader is trying to find for last 16 years but couldn’t find it.

Ashley had many questions going through his mind after knowing this much history but his main question was not answered till now, that why he was here? The boy answered this question as well by going through the past about the two friends, Addison and Ainsley the best friends who went in the search for these gloves 17 years ago and were succeeded in the task Addison received the Horntail Glove while Ainsley received the Dragoon Glove. Addison shared some good moments with Horntail and use to care for him very much so Horntail blessed him with his mark on his left shoulder so that he can identify him even without the glove whereas Ainsley became very rude master, he uses to give his dragons hard training and sometime use Village people as puppets to train them.

This became a reason of attraction of people towards Addison which was not at all digested by Ainsley and by betrayal he killed Addison and not even this he closed the big den of Horntail as well so that he cannot come for Addison’s rescue since then he is struck in his den on the highest hill of village. Now, that mark on Addison’s shoulder is now on your shoulder. YOU ARE OUR ADDISON, the SAVIOUR.

The story brought Ashley out of his senses and he started reacting in weird manner. How can I be your saviour, I am born many centuries after this incident took place? He asked. “This has nothing to do with the year in which you are born or where you are born, you are the chosen one and our protector who can destroy Ainsley and can free our village from all the fears” the boy replied.

Soon Ashley understood the situation and got ready to help them and the boy and Ashley started moving towards the hill to rescue the Horntail from the den. Both kept climbing hills after hills but were seen by Ainsley servants on the route and he informed him about them. Ainsley got angry and sent 2 dragons to kill them. Both finally reach the den of Horntail where they were attacked by the dragons.

What to do now? Ashley asked.

“Call Horntail” the boy replied.

But how???

Here, use these (Horntail Gloves) the boy gave it to him.

Who are you? Ashley asked.

Later, it’s not the time to talk.

Ashley then wore the Gloves and placed his hands towards the den and enchanted “Horntail”. The rocks outside the den started shivering and the nearby hills started to collapse due to which all the dragons came out of their dens.

Step back Ashley, the boy shouted. The head of the hill broke out and Horntail came out of the hill with lightning striking in the background, opening the huge wings and blazing the fire in the sky giving the signal to everyone that he is back.

Go on call him to you, the boy said to Ashley. Then Ashley called Horntail towards him waving the hand with Glove on. Horntail came to Ashley and offer him a seat.

Go on, boy whispered

I haven’t been on a dragon before, Ashley replied

Oh!! come on go now, no one has ever been, boy ordered him.

Ashley grabs the seat on Horntails back and they went to fight Ainsley. Flying through the heavy showers and thunders horntail faces dragons in a most brave manner and gets over every dragon on the way.

When Ainsley gets to know about it, he brought his most powerful dragon, the Dragoon. And finally, after 16 years the time comes for a final showdown. Both Horntail and Dragoon were ready to fight each other.

Attack!!!! Ainsley ordered. Horntail you also attack!! Ashley shouted. Both attacked each other to the best of their potential. Furious Horntail moved forward and tried to injure Dragoon but failed miserably, but Dragoon then attacked him with his claws and put marks on Ashley and Horntail due to which Ashley became weak and Horntail became really angry and launched like a bullet towards Dragoon and hit him directly on the neck. This attack killed Dragoon and while falling Ainsley tried to get over from Dragoon but failed and in the heck of time Ashley grab his hand and pulled him over Horntail and snatched the Gloves from his hands.

Dragoon was killed and the dragons injured took shelter somewhere else.

Ainsley the leader was no longer a leader and was handed over to the villagers, who decided to give him death penalty.  Ashley and Horntail, you saved us, the villagers said.

Ashley was searching for that boy who told him about all the story and helped him and suddenly he appeared in front of him and answered that he was the brother of Addison and before his death he gave those gloves to him to keep them for the person who will save them from the cruel Ainsley. Then both the gloves were kept to their original place and that hill was finally closed so that no one could take them out and harm anyone.

Finally, Ashley went back to his home the way he came here and when he reached back he saw that the mark finally went off and now he can live his life in peace.


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