The first night…

Posted by Drashti Modasara
November 13, 2017

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“I loved her. She loved me. She was perfect. Unfortunately, destiny had different plans.” He sighed.

It was his first night with his wife. They were going to begin a new chapter of their lives.

And there he was, sitting on the bed, telling his wife about his ex-girlfriend.

“Why? What happened, Gaurav?” Neha asked.

“It was 14th February, Valentine’s Day : the day that is meant to unite lovers. Well, in my case, it became the day that ruined my life, broke my heart and ripped my soul completely.”

Neha gasped. She was a simple girl and had never been in any kind of relationships before her marriage. She had not thought even in her wildest dreams that she would have to hear something like this on her wedding night. Still, she kept her calm and did not lose patience.

Gaurav, on the contrary, was too miserable to understand what his wife must be feeling.

“It was the day when Sakshi died. She had gone to buy some cards and met with an accident later that morning.”

Neha was speechless! She didn’t know how to respond, how to console her husband and let him know that everything would be okay.

She observed Gaurav closely. He was now sitting beside her with tears in his eyes. His hair were ruffled and eyes were swollen. He had opened his heart for the first time and all that came out of it was a number of suppressed feelings that he must have kept to himself. But Neha understood him.

Suddenly Gaurav became concious of what he had done. He was embarrassed. He apologized to Neha for spoiling their first night.

Neha smiled and held his hand for the first time. They had talked only thrice before their wedding and this was something that none of them had dared to do. She further asked him not to be embarrassed and accept what has happened. She then went on talking about her opinions on life and Gaurav kept listening. Both of them talked for a long time.

Gaurav felt different next day. He felt better. Perhaps being with Neha made him comfortable.

Perhaps this is what destiny had planned. It had planned a wonderful future for Neha and Gaurav.

Thankfully, both of them realized this pretty soon and led a great life ahead.

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P.S. : This story was written by me on Quora. I feel that the story could have ended in a better way. That is why, I have posted this here.

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