The first time they Got to know about me and him

Posted by Diksha Koolwal
November 16, 2017

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The thing which I am sharing here is about the days when they i.e. my parents got to know about him i.e. my love. 11 april was the date and i still remember each and every moment about that day. I was spending the morning with my love during which my cellphone beeped. It was a message from my close one in which she asked me to reach her home as soon as possible. I reached there and found my parents over there who were as angry as a boiler. After listening to there shouts i realised that they got to know about me and him bt in the wrong way actually totally wrong way and the person who told them all this was my maasi in relation whom i treated just like my mom. She assured me days back that she would help me to convince my parents for him but actually all her saying turned out to be false. After that day I am not allowed to go to any of my friends home or relative’s place or to roam around without any reason. My privacy, my freedom has been restricted. I still struggle to do the things which i actually want. The point to share this is why the relatives have to do everything which creates problem for us? Why a girl can’t do thethings of her choice? Why parents struggle to believe her daughter’s dream and wish? Why LOVE MARRIAGE is still considered something bad? If it was so bad then God wouldn’t have given us the ability to love. Why???

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