The horrors of growing up

Posted by Gnana Priya
November 18, 2017

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I miss playing with the laundry clips to make faces and not smilies like now.
I miss fighting with my sister for a colour chalk and not a charger unlike then.
I miss watching the milk boil while my mom rests and not watch series when she is cooking all day.
I miss watching my mom sleep peacefully then and not fight for a different room like now.
I miss walking with my uncle to the market and getting lost then instead of meeting him once a year now.
I miss wondering what my mom would cook for dinner and not wondering for a reason get out of the house.
I miss breaking my toy’s nose and crying and not crying for shallow heartbreaks like now .
I  miss imitating the street dogs to irritate them and not just picture and post them on Instagram.
I miss craving to play ghost games with my cousins every weekend and not hardly meeting them .
I miss the fear when my homework was incomplete unlike bunking classes for boring subjects.
I miss the thought of how elders were so perfect and not realizing I was living heaven then .
I miss how I love wearing my aunt’s saree then unlike running from the traditions now.
I miss waiting for the chocolate on a classmate’s birthday and not leave the lame HBD text with no excitement.
Everything about our childhood is amazing, tremendously different from who you are right now . it’s funny how people call crazy adults “kids”.
You find the kindest hearts, purest minds and the most transparent nature only in children.
So never tell anybody to grow up . growing up is a curse, we’re all living a curse .
Human existence is a blessing as long as you’re a toodler.

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