The Indian gem Dr. Sinchan Das called the mass to work unitedly to make a healthy society

Posted by Aditi Roy
November 13, 2017

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There are so many myths and unhealthy practices prevailed in the society throughout the ages and ruined the social health cruelly. Health science which deals with several sectors of health care & health care delivery system, painfully misguided by different classes of business sectors knowingly or unknowingly. Scientific community which need to be unbiased, but left in the dump of faulty biased understandings. In this modern civilization, a major number of people are suffering from drug induced diseases, different kinds of psychological disturbances and lifestyle induced pathologies, but the modern medicinal system has failed to combat with these willingly or unwillingly. To encourage the works of Dr. Sinchan Das, the pride of India and felicitate him I.S.H.S. has arranged a scientific seminar with him.

In the lecture Dr. Sinchan Das has enlightened several dark sides of the society and medical practice. Among them the first was the biasness and the arrogance. Day by day the level arrogance become increased rapidly. Dr. Sinchan has explained the cause and prevention both clearly. He said, “Arrogance is the result of biasness & half-hearted knowledge; because arrogance is the wall due to which one cannot contradict with your understanding and in some cases arrogance compels a person to obey the thought of the particular arrogant person.” 

Another problem of the society is too much concerning nature about individual’s freedom, where the meaning of freedom is deviated nakedly. There is nothing for individual’s interest, because individual is nothing but the fragmentary parts of the society; individual health is the contributory factors for social health & vice versa. All the elements of the nature are inter dependable on each other, but when we live a non-sense life or unscientific life we boldly consider the life as ‘personal’ (most debatable & controversial terminology). But if each individual sector of the society serves for the social & gross upliftment, individual growth follows automatically; without gross development of the society the individual development must be short lasting. If we unitedly work for the social development, we can easily erase several negative terminologies from our dictionary, like disbelieve, competition, stress, dissatisfaction, revenge etc and many more.

What will be guidelines for a medical practitioner or medical student or health scientists, asked by a journalist. In the answer of this question he said an wonderful billion dollar’s quote as mentioned below and said ‘there are some profession which must belongs above all business strategies and all provocational impulses, because of its noble value like health practice, education, researches etc.

He has invited the youth to serve for humanity with him. Dr. Sinchan Das the real youth icon serve for the society without any support and expectations except the social upliftment. The society said that they will spread his thoughts and works within the mass.

“Cudos Dr. Sinchan Das”





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