The Jigsaw Democracy

Posted by Nikhil Chouhan
November 25, 2017

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Democracy is the representation of people in the parliament or assembly to debate, discuss and decide. But what about when the process stagnates! The election is done to project a system to show people but what about the after process. That is what happening such as delaying of parliament’s winter session just for the sake of ruling party to win the Gujarat assembly election or mass leave in Andra Pradesh assembly by MLA’s to attend wedding. Suppression by majority or the ruling party in order for their interests is a not an action under democracy. Exaggerating terms and enjoying all allowances is not a correct interpretation of the ethics to do with, is that something happening this days in the country. What about the vision of our forefathers who gave their blood to liberate the country from that downtrodden system. Is it worth to flush out their beliefs in the future generation to carry their ideals which embark the pillars for the country? Elections took place in British India itself with all inequalities. Well, we have equality at least on the grounds of election these days. That is what a bank for votes is created for the politicians and fetches their interests. But their duty does neither stops nor ours’. Democracy is not a one day job, to give vote to an advertising party and leave it for 5 years. But to have checks and balances and creating a streaming course for the society. The only instrument with the people in order to check their rulers is through “freedom of expression”. If it is only with a few people or with the ruling government then what sort of system is it? The Freedom of press is miserable to very extent. They are not targeting their camera angles to either developments or to poverty but to a few petty issues such as Gaurakhshaks, Rallies of politicians, communal issues or etching robust history to spread violence and disturb the harmony. Or is it diverted in accordance to hide the main block issues so that government’s criticism cannot be upheld. The reason behind each and every decline of shattering phenomenon is because the people are channelized to a wrong course or the real concern is shaped to majestic beautifying matters. The society is unequal by its own; to overcome such deficits it has to be shaped by itself. Government is just a controlling agency and incentive providing for good cause. To work in accordance to ideals enshrined by our forefathers does not mean just frame a hypothetical system. A system would come along to a peak solution only when the people wake up to their fullest and check the credibility of matters happening. The foreground beliefs would not work if we are a genuine educated public. There is a lot to do for the current scenario, indeed in the way to find solution by our own not just depend on freaky fake news. Public awakening is of much concern as to think logically not on the grounds of fake leaderships and combating our own deeds. Critically democracy is to awaken the sleeping jibes and to usher ourselves to power and not power in few hands.

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