The last conversation

Posted by Samadrita Chakraborty
November 24, 2017

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“Hello babu, you have reached the office?”

“Yes maa. I am alright. Suddenly felt an urge to talk to you. Maa bless me. Pour me with your blessings.”

“Why babu? Do you have any project today?”

“No maa. I just needed your blessings”

“My blessings are always with you. By the way where are you calling from?”

“Why maa?”

“I am hearing so much noise. Are you still stuck in the traffic jam? And are you lying to me that you have reached?”

“Naah maa! I have reached maa. Maa sing a song please. That Tagore’s one ‘o je mane na mana'”

“Babu what happened to you ektu bolbi?ai vordupure you suddenly want me to sing! Why?”

“Just like that mom. Please sing nah!”

“Ai don’t call me mom. Amar babu always calls me maa. And that’s the sweetest.”

“Maa be safe maa. And stop worrying for me from now.”

“What are you saying babu?”

“Maa, please.”

44-years-old sangita starts singing, clock struck 12 and the news of collapsing the giant bridge near ganesh talkies flashes on the t.v. The way her son crosses everyday at 12 p.m.

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