The Lost Humankind

Posted by Romeo Gomes
November 17, 2017

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Terrorism is the lack of moral sensibility in each individual— not a byproduct of religious guidelines. Catastrophe is caused by every single individual that strives to decompose the system little by little. Humankind has a natural tendency to dominate everyone else, even its own kind. Over the years, certain people may have evolved to an extent that they choose to overlook issues of jealousy and rage. These people strive to focus their energy on productivity— to make this world a better place to the best of their ability. It may seem irrational to most people, but random acts of kindness go a long way to prove how we can have power over vengeance and jealousy. True dominance is not identified as the power you have over others, but the power you have over yourself.

We see religious and political leaders opposing to social opinions through the threat of violence.  Our nation is a place where we have innumerable Gods and Goddesses, but they have failed to teach us how to treat the world well enough. We are the people who are taught to hate each other from a young age— pull others down if they do well in life. We are worse than carnivores preying on the weaker species.

The chaos the world witnesses every day in some form or another must be consciously eliminated if we really want to save our planet. It is true that our generation is good at burying guilt, but it’s shameful to leave behind a world that is beyond repair for our future generation.

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