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The ‘NEW’ India

Posted by RAvi Poonam Prakash DuBey
November 1, 2017

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The other day, I was watching a video with some of my closest friends. The video was about what foreigners think about India. When the youtuber held the mic in front of an elderly well dressed American, he replied he perceives India as a country which has serious issues of crime and facing innumerable events of mob lynching. This made my friends furious and me, curious.
I did dig inside deeper only to know, he was right.
Many of you must have already made an anti national image of me in your minds by now and many of you must have started booking one way ticket to Pakistan for me.
But folks! This is a bitter fact that our country has been alarmingly clenched by mob lynching tactics. And if this continues to be happening the day isn’t far when you’ll be a victim of mob justice and will be dragged on the streets with a label of Anti national while your assaulters will be chanting those so called pro nationalist slogans. People will be mute spectators and will not bother to save you.
Pick up a news daily, any of your choice, accompanied with your morning tea and you’ll be welcomed with headlines about mob of people calling themselves Gau rakshas beating innocents to death, be it Pehlu Khan of Alwar or someone else.
Who’re they? Who’s funding them, providing them enough support to fearlessly take lives.
Gorakhpur saw the tragedy of death of innocent souls, no one even bothered to step outside their houses , if it had been a cow, you can imagine the outrage.
So what’s important at this time for the country is to know how to prioritise things. They need to know that human life is more important than a cow.
Lets rise above religious tantrums and prove to the world that Indians are much more than crime and mob lynching.
Bharat Mata ki Jai.

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