An Old Book Seller In Ahmedabad Is Protecting The City’s Real Heritage

Posted by Aalap Tanna in Books
November 22, 2017

Gujari Market is the speciality of Ahmedabad, a heritage city. Here, a generous man, for the past 20 years, has made many people get access to their favourite and desirable books. His name is Sheikh Mohammed Hussain Nurmohammed. After leaving his responsibilities at the Modern High School, Dhandhuka, he started a business of selling old books in the market of Ahmedabad.

Mohammed bhai, who was born in Ahmedabad, studied in educational institutions like Gujarat College and Swaminarayan College, Ahmedabad. Mohammed bhai is very much grateful to his poor family. He says, “My mother did not even see school. When I was young, she used to collect dung and sell it. I came to take books in the market of Ahmedabad so that it could be useful for my teaching. This way I made my career. I am doing this activity for people who are very serious about their careers, even though they are poor.”

With the help of a graduate degree in English literature and a B.Ed. degree, Mohammed baba has provided the right direction to the life of many students so far. He regularly goes to a market in Mumbai to find rare books. Once the books were overweight (above 40 kg), the ticket checker insisted on paying the penalty, but the fakir did not have the money to pay it. The money had been used to buy books. After telling the ticket checker about his activities, the ticket checker’s mind changed and instead of a fine of ₹3, he allowed Mohammed bhai to recover ₹300.

He is living happily by adopting to the profession well. It is Mohammed bhai’s lifestyle and his life has become illuminated. Many people have asked him for books. Books that are not available anywhere. When a reader finds their favourite book, they have a joy on their face, that can’t be expressed in words. Many books have been stolen from him, but he does not take such things seriously.

Apart from a Sunday, Mohammed bhai is standing on a lorry of books at the Ellis Bridge area of Ahmedabad. Understanding the values of books, Mohammed bhai is doing this business with some ideals. For example, when buying a book, no arguments, no bargaining and no comments are his principles.

Apart from this, Mohammed bhai puts other quotes around books as well. “Be a buyer, do not be a beggar.” “If you want to pay enough, buy, if not bye bye.

Recognising authors like Mahesh Dave and Haseenabehn Kadri with respect, Mohammed says that there has been a change in both the teachers and the students today. Everything will change over time. In the present time, film, cricket and the stock market have taught a man how to earn money without dishonesty, fantasy and hard work. According to his opinion, he is living a life according to the principle of Karma in Bhagavad Gita. Comedy and tragedy come in both periods of life, but if you live a life of neutrality, you are happy to live.

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