The Reality Check!

Posted by Nasrin Hussain
November 17, 2017

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They say “When you wake up every morning to fight and face the demons in your head,you are already the winner”.So,does it really work like that?It all starts when a child is born amidst the love and nurture of his parents,they are made to beleive in fairytales.The wise and good that should reign in his mind,the victory of good over evil,the miracles of divinity and good,great fairy princesses.Well!life surely feels like walking on the bed of roses with this simplicity.Because,the child beleives that the real world out there is just like his parents have interpreted to,the good always wins over evil and miracles do happen with a magic wand.

And when slowly the child grows up he learns that the ‘flying pegasus’ doesn’t exist,nor does the fairies and the magic wand.But even then things don’t go so much wrong, because the child has the shelter and care of the parents.

The textbooks in schools and colleges teach the ethics,the manners,the customs and faith.Everything one needs to be a good human being.But,for the child those inked sentences aren’t only teachings,they become his life’s truth.Beleiving and cherishing those, he grows.

And then he has to become independent searching for his own settlement in life as he no longer remains the child.And then life gives him the ‘reality check’.Of course,life isn’t about miracles and unicorns but he atleast expected it to be about truth and honesty.And its then when the child thinks that all his childhood beleifs has been a lie.

Its not a story about a particular child because that child resides in everyone of us.No!it will be so wrong of me if i say that we should try to change those ethical beleifs but we should and can change the world we have come to live into.Where money speaks more than modesty,where connections speaks more than calibre and where position matters more than life.Like they say its not ‘old school’ to be honest and true to your heart.And only we the’ youth’ can be the medium of surpassing the future than the past.We can build up a society where we don’t have to say to a child when we meet him/her for the first time,”Don’t grow up little one,the world is too cruel for your beleifs”.Sure,we(youth) are bundle of emotions but i beleive atleast our heart can never inspire us to break any notions.We may not be able to produce another ‘Gandhi’ but atleast we won’t produce another ‘Hitler’ from amongst us.

Nasrin Hussain

Centre for Studies in Journalism and       Masscommunication

Dibrugarh University

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