Even If The Person In The Sex Tape Is Hardik Patel, Where’s The Problem?

Posted by Tejas Joshi in Politics
November 16, 2017

When you step up to be a part of a political scenario in India, there are multiple things you need to take care of. Once you are into the dirty game, there’s no going back. Sometimes things get to the point where your personal life is at stake. The young Patidar Anamat Andolan leader Hardik Patel is going through the same phase.

The political atmosphere in Gujarat is quite hot and getting even hotter day by day as the polling dates are arriving. The blatant allegations are being made by both the concerned parties i.e. Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress. AAP doesn’t seem to be in a run, to be honest.

Amidst all these allegations, the Congress think tank gave a massive blow to BJP Gujarat when they received extended support from leaders like Hardik Patel, Jignesh Mevani, whereas Alpesh Thakor joined the Congress itself. Although it is too early to conclude about the results of the Gujarat polls, BJP has been on backfoot since the start. Be it the delay in announcement of the polling dates by the Election Commission or the allegations of offering money to join BJP, the Congress has been quite vocal in their criticism. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi has been seen making frequent trips to the state and the entire transformation in his oratory skills has been a talk of the town recently. Considering all these aspects, we can see BJP struggling in its own fortress. After being pushed to the extreme point by the opposition, BJP needed a strong comeback and everybody was expecting a huge blow from Amit Shah and company.

What came as a shocker was the way retaliation in this case happened. From nowhere, there were multiple tapes surfacing on the internet with headlines ‘Hardik Patel Exposed’. Hardik was the talk of the town again, but for all the wrong reasons. The tapes consisting of an alleged Hardik Patel and a woman in a hotel room stirred a controversy. Although the BJP has refused to take any responsibility for these leaked tapes, they have left no stones unturned to prove Hardik as a womaniser. Someone who’s been closely observing Gujarat politics can guess the reason and sources of these tapes. It’s an obvious retaliation which is dirty in all its aspects.

Even if the guy shown in these tapes is Hardik Patel, how do we have a right to judge what someone does in his private life? There have been no sexual molestation or rape cases that have been filed against Hardik till now. If two adults decide to have sex, who are we to surface their tapes on the internet. For political mileage, does it not degrade the women in the clip? Whoever uploaded the tapes should have thought about the character assassination they are subjecting her to.

Are there no ethics left in politics? Has a politician stooped down to a level where they can go to any extent for their benefits? Is there no privacy left in politics? Aren’t these tapes a breaching of Hardik’s privacy?

Some questions remain unanswered in the game called politics.


Image source: Hardik Patel/ Facebook