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The Standard Tag!!

Posted by Smita Gogoi
November 19, 2017

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What does the word ‘Standard’ mean? “A measure or model used to make comparisons. ”  Well, that’s directly from the dictionary.   And there goes another meaning of Standard(s) which is ‘principles of good behavior’ .   But which one has the people opted for.   Undoubtedly, the first one and that too so negatively that one could be put to shame when discovered to be someone who doesn’t echo the standards that the society has set for themselves.   Here, basically I am referring to the Indian society.

From the hanging tags of Brands in clothes and accessories to having food in Starbucks decides our standard.   From speaking English fluently to watching Hollywood movies decides our standard.   How ironical it is! Isn’t it?  We are literally crowned ‘Standardized‘ for knowing and doing things which has nothing to do with our Origin.  We are proud of being someone who doesn’t represent our origin.  We are actually being trained to join that very crowd.  This is the harsh reality of the century.  But have we ever thought who has set these norms? The society? NO! It is the fear that resides within us.  The fear of being ignored.  The fear of being humiliated.  The fear of portraying the ‘real self’ which is different from the rest.  We must not forget that at the end We are all ‘Individuals‘. Individuals with varied likes and dislikes.  The five fingers of our hand aren’t the same.  But neither can we carry out a work when one of them is hurt.  Similarly, we are individuals with different personalities and perceptions.  Everybody doesn’t necessarily need to act the same way. Different minds are needed to perform different tasks.  This actually comprises a ‘Society‘.

    Trends come up every year.  But trying to cope with them every time will do nothing but make you loose your real self.  So, be You and never compare as Iyanla Vanzant says, “Comparison is an act of violence against the self. “


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