The struggle of a daughter

Posted by joshiya joseph
November 20, 2017

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She says, A father, brother or husband has all right to abuse me.
She says, Being born as a male gives them the power to abuse.
She says, Women should silently bear with any amount of physical and emotional abuse.
She says, A women should live with her husband and not return to her maternal home even after abuse. Who is she?
She is my own mother.

I hate to hear such patriarchal thoughts! I chose to stand against any domestic abuse even if I am called names. I believe that a penis does’nt make one a gentleman. Rather, ‘respect’ for women is what makes one a gentleman.

Shame to those men who believe that their penis and muscular strength makes them a powerful gender. How could a man forget that he was once pushed out of his mother’s vagina and not by his own power?

Some women might think, education has ruined my brains.
To such women, I would say that I am glad to have known my rights through education. Without education, I might have been another women in support of patriarchal injustice.

To every beautiful reading this,
You have infinite power,
Break the chains of patriarchy,
Spread your wings and fly.

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