the tragedy of life’s last phase

Posted by Gnana Priya
November 18, 2017

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*Adults only*
Have you wondered what your old mother quietly prays for sitting in the corner of the house? let me tell you.
She adores your son who possess all your amazing traits and is proud of if but,what she prays is,for your son not to treat you the way you treat her in her last days . Although you failed as a son , she never wants you to fail as a father.
I know an old woman who was abandoned by her own daughter ( I’m not sure how exactly she was treated, but I’m sure it’s everything how a mother shouldn’t be treated). a women entrepreneur takes her to custody for a couple of days and decided to let her stay in a friend’s home until she finds a better home for her. The old woman was again treated badly by a young lady in that home and was again sent back to the entrepreneur’s home who was helpless . Even today ,the old lady is not happy.
this isn’t just about this one old woman but 70,000 other elders in the country that struggle for basic amenities everyday , half of which are abandoned by the own family.There’s one thing  I don’t understand about you people . what is your fear of living with a poor old soul? it’s acceptable if it’s a stranger . but what about your own father ? weren’t you Daddy’s princess? mom’s favorite son? where do you expect the feeble body to go ? how could the medical and fatal problems of somebody that sacrificed their lives for you ,affect your luxury? when did all this change? does our brains grow little while other parts of our body grow bigger and loses love?why are grownups not grateful? how does it even make sense when you post a picture of her on Instagram for mother’s day when she’s not even beside you ? you adults are so messed up.
 growing up always scared me to death . Now what scares me more is living in a country with your big apartments and companies on one half of it and only old age homes on the other. But then I remembered,
You may not believe in karma but I believe in aging and corrupted human conscious. Goodluck growing old!❤
P.S: I am not saying​ that everyone of you abandon your parents ,but if you went through the alarming stats like I did , you would probably start hating adulthood and forget humanity.

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