The Transition

Posted by Vishnu Tejas
November 17, 2017

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Yes, it was all good. Everything was limited. Desires, Needs, Knowledge, Relationships, Expectations, Experiences, goes on..but still, limited was it.


Lucky are those who still require everything limited(Importantly, when things fall in favour of them). I haven’t seen much and certainly, that’s not the case with me. Voluntarily and Involuntarily, there has been countless instances, occasions, circumstances, or whatever it has to be called, which in fact, has made a huge difference, in terms of requirements, to that long list of necessities. Changes were like immense and the impact it made was TERRIBLE!. One after another,it kept on coming with varying intensities. Optimism and Hope lifts you up in spite of all the criticisms and there are always some good hearts who believes in you. Oh dear me, it’s all going well and it’s just the transition. Even this will pass away.


Awww…this is why I love’s always hopeful and positive in the end despite of all the negativity.

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