Why Do We Need Student Protests?

Posted by Urvashi in Campus Politics
November 2, 2017

Student protests have become a major issue today. Every second day when we start reading our newspaper or watch any kind of news channel, there is some story regarding this. But the question is, why is the need agitation arising? As put forth by most of the students , we young men and women fight to seek freedom, equality and justice. In the words of a leading feminist Nivedita Menon, “Students are fighting for the soul of India.

The youthful insurgency today is a representation and indictment of the power system that actually belongs to the elites, their exploitative polices, and their lack of concern for the disadvantaged.

Public debates on one of the core issues, that is social justice, has been energized recently. This has led to a rattle in the present government, under whose watch there has been an assault on the free space of students.

The difference in the perspectives of the students and the faculty, most importantly, creates an unhealthy environment for the students. Most of the times teachers try to impose things on students, which leads to conflict. This clearly portrays the hurdles within the educational institutions. It is very important to realize that the real power lies in the hands of educational institutions. They are the ones who can produce intellectual people. But they fail in doing their jobs.

Now it’s on the part of the students to think and act accordingly. Nothing can stop them from achieving what they are demanding if they are united, understand all the wrongdoings of authorities, and raise their voices against the same. Thus, we can bring the much necessary change. It’s high time for the students to unite to strike with an iron fist.