The Weakening Of Secular Forces In India

Posted by siddhartha Sur
November 11, 2017

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When did it all begun?

It began way back when Secular forgot to call Ace an Ace  but did not forget to call the same for another religion.That is where it all started.The beliefs in your words weakens when you discriminate, when you stop protesting the same dogmatism for one religion but forgets to call on another.

Be it Left Forces or the Centrist Left in Left in India , they all counted only on the huge vote bank that the Minorities provided.What did they provide? A unity in voting for either a party and that being dictated by the religion.

That is where the secular forces started believing that they can be manipulated and the left over majority who will never unite will disperse as always.That created a huge vacuum- a vacuum that the rightist parties always yarn for.

Majorities felt the pain when you see divisive policies based on religion and they missing out on the platter.Added to it is the propaganda kind of fear that is a sole property of the rightist parties.

So flew by..Secular forces chased behind minority vote while the other end were busy in generating fear about the minority and slowly silently an animal becomes more important than the humanity itself in due course and people cant see it as there is a spectacle to dominate the minorities.

According to the Indian Constitution, it does: Articles 25 and 26 deal with freedom of religion to all, and the right to form religious institutions, respectively. Under Article 27, no person can be forced to pay special taxes on the basis of religion. Article 28 prohibits religious instruction in wholly state-funded educational institutions. Articles 29 and 30 set forth certain cultural and educational rights for minorities, and are aimed at prohibiting discrimination against religious minorities in cultural and educational areas of life.

Religion is a matter of individual space but we brought it on road and allowed us to overpower our individual soul and freedom.For that I would blame the Leftists and the Centrist forces rather than the right.It was their duty to protect us from those forces but instead they started playing their game in their field and see the status of their credibility in India now.

There is always an equilibrium forces at play that bring the balance and as the game of secularism has grown out of proportion over the years the religion mania is taking its toll and due course in India but it is always a circle and the secular forces has to emerge to counter that.



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