The Withered Leaf

Posted by Sanjana Misra
November 18, 2017

NOTE: This post has been self-published by the author. Anyone can write on Youth Ki Awaaz.

There was a tiny leaflet born under the sun rays,
Shining like an emerald in a dark night’s haze.
As it grew with endless time,
The breeze and the leaf would often rhyme.
Like the old couple in the near by lawn,
The breeze let it’s presence known by cradling the leaf as it blew along.
Through passing seasons, there came the rain,
The tiny droplets trickling down the leaf in vain.
As autumn arrived, the leaf grew old,
A luscious blend of gold and yellow was a sight to behold!
It grew lonely as it watched the others fall,
Soon enough, the first snowflake awakened the winter’s call.
And there stood a solitary leaf,
Hooked on to it’s tree as the storms raged and grieved.
Reminiscing the tender love of the breeze when it was young and gay,
The withered leaf flew away.

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