There’s A Women Inside Each Man | Deep Diaries A Short Tale Video By Andakurry Vidsfilms

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November 5, 2017

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This video is created by new team of aspiring filmmakers & content creators AndaKurry VidsFilms to make an effort to change the perception of society towards homosexuality and other social and practical issues through their Youtube channel.

Find out there’s a women inside each man | A short film by AndaKurry Vidsfilms

Dear diary,

You’ve been my alter-ego where I’ve often come with my flesh and bones to find respite from this chauvinist world which just grills me alive to fulfill the roles of a man.

Only you and I know,
Only we know about my other self.
A side of me I’m afraid not even my mother could ever love. A side of me where it’s her shiny bangles and glittery saris I love.

There’s a woman inside each man, but the one inside me is the one in control of my mind,body and soul.

It’s the control I want to let lose to, it’s the control I want to get used to.

Dear diary, Dad’s coming and I know he won’t be half as patient as you are with me and my complexities.

I better dress down and put on my shirt and trousers for that’s the norm of the world and it just makes me wanna scream out louder.


Team AndaKurry VidsFilms


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