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Posted by Pratyanik Chakraborty
November 13, 2017

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Her eyes only felt the vision sense for 2 years then she noticed that her father brought a piece of cotton cloth to her. She asked her father “what is that thing”  but didn’t get any response then she asked her mother…. her mother said the name of the cloth then she replied the name again with her newly made language “Thijab” her mother said “Hmm… Hijab”. The 2 year old girl every day wonders what was this cotton thing rapping her head and chest. Why this??  The days went on and she noticed  that on her younger brothers 2nd birthday her father gifted him a Ben10 toy not a cotton cloth what she was gifted on her 2nd birthday. One day she finally asked her elder brother “Bhaiya,  What Abbu gave you on your 2nd birthday” her brother said he couldn’t remember then after asking a several times her brother replied “It was a toy or bat”. She thought then why only she, neither her elder brother nor her younger brother was gifted this so why she?

This is the early story of Krishma and her Hijab now she is 9years old school going girl. She lives in Basir colony. . One day her school called her guardians. Her principal said to her mother and father “Mr. and Mrs. Ahemad your daughter Karishma is such a “un-modest” girl she was not wearing Hijab in the class. Allah sukar!! Our any men faculty hadn’t seen her or it will be such a shame full incident for your family as well as our school”. It is the second most bad night for her. she was abused  by her two brothers beaten by her parents and locked  in a room in the first floor she couldn’t get that why anyone shouldn’t watch her “Seena” or hair she is not totally nude then why this is offensive?


That was 12 o’clock in the night when her mother opened the gate of the room and entered in with a dish full of snacks and sweets she was just about to start crying her mother stopped her and said “Abbu will woke up and locked me too” then her mother locked the gate from inside and they both had a talk with each other.
She said “Ammi why I should wear that what will happend after wearing that”
“It will cover your face and breasts ” her mother replied
” What will happened if anyone see this I am wearing clothes ” she said
Then her mother explained her about all the things what the Quran and Ishalm says about this Hijab ritual why no opposite sex should see the body and etc..
Since then Karishma noticed that, really her chest is not like her brothers….  her chest was becoming a bit bigger day by day. After a year when she suffer from her first periods then she asked her mother about that portion in the middle of her two legs her mom said that is her that organ which makes her “different” from her brothers. And then suddenly she grew  up.
After that 4 years passed she is now 14, her elder brother is now married and younger brother goes to date every week with his elder brother’s hindu sister-in-law. The things was going  right fully right nothing is left or wrong. But…..

One day Karishma when coming from the school she was brutally raped by 4 men in a car… What made them to rape Karishma she was wearing her “Thijab”


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