Think big

Posted by Vikram Pratap Singh
November 20, 2017

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Most of the youth is driving themselves on the wrong path. Wrong path means they have information but they haven’t quality to analyse things which relate to their information. They always try to collect information without any reason and this collection is creating  full of unusual thoughts in them which have no way only to create confusion. On keeping this attitude they try only easy mathods like job, which they can do and as much as they have quality. This is very often happen that they are not happy in thier cage which was created by them. This cage has no way. They live there in compulsion and think “I should have given myself time when I had option to choose.”

I think youth is energy, they can be a source of building a society. Youth is the power of any nation if they have vision to do things at the end. Youth must think big not only for job.

Burgios of the society is a big part of the nation. They are wasting their life in nothing and have no job. They are waiting for the opportunity which will given by government. How much time government will take they don’t know. Or these youth are thinking to do job in private sector which seems lucrative but they haven’t ability to communicate, don’t know how to do that job but they have degrees which is only a quality they have.

The reason behind it they don’t want to dive deeper into the profession which they want to choose.

Education makes us free from all the boundation. If you are educated person it means you are living in a wisdom or seeking for wisdom. You need to explore the world as much possible and have a vision a to your career. Youth is possibility. They have enough energy to create new things. They should focus on possibility.


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