Think once more

Posted by Princi Mishra
November 21, 2017

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You’ll wither away into million pieces,
Think before you jump off that bridge.
Face Disfigured beyond recognition,
Think before you swing of that ceiling.
Once you cut your wrist too deep,
There will be nothing left to weep.
Is your existence really that cheap?
Think again before you lie on that track,
Once that growling train tramples you,
Left to collect of you ,pieces will only be few.
That calm and soothing sleep in water,
Think of the bloated you ,
Who will in time surface later,
And be nothing more than a sack of flesh,
In a Rotten and decaying state,
STOP! Before its too late.
Its courage or cowardice ,
Will be impossible to tell,
What the hell!
Your move might be way too bold,
But it will be dark and cold.
Illusion of relief will die before you,
And there will be despair too.
Ohh! And the light of hope ,
Will gasp and struggle hard,
Think again before you start.
Your funeral will be a question,
Why the hell didn’t you mention!
Family,friends betrayed will cry,
Blaming ,why the hell didn’t they try!
Was it you or was it them,
Will be a long lost dream.
Such certainty of uncertainty,
Will only be the victory of devil’s vanity.
Everyone will ask ,where was your sanity?
But if its already too late,
Scream for help,evils of dark will whelp,
Someone,somewhere is searching you,
You might have to shout times a few.
The skies of hope will echo your voice,
Life is to cherish and rejoice.
Celebrate it ,even if its a bubble of dream,
If you’re lost, falling and drowning ..Scream!
Life is to cherish and rejoice,
For if you go on with this decision,
No one will understand your choice.
Its better to die fighting,
Cowards are remembered but as disgrace.
Shake the hands of life with warmth,
Be true,brave and loyal,
And get a glorious lovers embrace.
-Princi Mishra

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