This World and Us

Posted by Rubendra Bagdash
November 17, 2017

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“At the end of the day what we all are thinking about Facebook is negative…
Being the human of 21st century we barely question ourselves about our existence? We do have phone in our hands that made us connected with eachother like never before, but sadly we forget the Sun, moon, stars and this whole Universe, Technology use us these days, it made us occupied…
We barely have time for eachother in reality, we made ourselves busy and
We are made to work like slaves for 8 hours For them? Why?
And what do they do? Nothing! Rather made us fight and kill mother nature,
To prove civilized and devised human.
“We all are strangled in a big web of conspiracies, fantasies, and lies, we must escape ourselves from such web, and live” – We barely have time to listen
Music and get ourselves drown in its melodious depth, listen to the hum of univeres finding our own existence in its flow. Nowadays when we look ourselves in the mirror what we’ll see?
We Only see handsome, proud or a depressed person, under the load of pressures, but do we question ourselves are we human of 21st century?
No probably not! We all are hooked into something that is artificial man-made.
C’mon we have a plenty of things which we need to learn, quit, and walk to call ourselves as 21st century post-modern age Humans, we have Facebook, insta YouTube, watsapp to get connected but still why no connections? May be we are not able to use it properly, May be we are getting self centric that is turning this world cold”

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