Through Her Hair

Posted by Yadav Prateek
November 12, 2017

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The iridescent-ed shining doom,
The grieving smoke in the room,
She is all there bleeding her knees
The blacking teared crying womb,
The troubling flicker in the wound,
She is all there exigent-ing her life


The agitated knocking veins,
The dying response in the sense,
She is all there palsying her head


The mutated sacking skin,
The ruining thrust from the limb,
She is all there droughting her core


The silenced screaming voice,
The bypassed dispatched lice,
She is all there closing her arms


The fainted exhausting soul,
The given hopes of the jolt,
She is all there hazarding her whelp


The deemed sighting eye,
The dusking essence of the smile,
She is all there fading her life!

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