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Posted by Baishali Chakraborty
November 28, 2017

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Women wearing shorts is shameful

Raping her is not

Women drinking is sinful

Molesting her is not

Women laughing loudly is not allowed

Men males rating them is allowed

Working women: A bane

Working males: A boon

Women with guys-Whore

Guys with women-Dude

                           These have been a few obvious beliefs of our society for more than hundred years now.


                                          Surprisingly these are taught no where, people are born with these.

Like with heart and intestine comes this wiring of mind where within the wires are entangled the sense of equality and empowerment which every human deserves on earth.

Only the empowered minds have the potential to empower women

no government, no army , no laws can replace that.

Sadly the people with power and position by default have this wrong wiring with an extended habit of accusing the victim rather than giving them justice on time.

Women stop relying for your wants on others and become strong , fearless & an unbreakable community.

This world is a beautiful place to explore your dreams

The evils will blindfold you as they fear your escape from their cages

but you may break the cage fight and fly.





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