Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

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November 14, 2017

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Have you ever wondered why do so many students leave the comfort zone of their home to attend a university abroad? Getting out of the comfort zone is certainly not easy, but it will help you to grow. The sooner you start planning for overseas education, the more prepared you will be when application deadlines come around. If you are not quite sure whether studying abroad is right for you or you need to convince your family — check out these top 10 reasons why you should study abroad!

# 1 Highly-advanced pedagogy

Overseas education provides high academic quality and standards. Top-class faculty, curriculum, and teaching methods open windows for advanced development of skills and knowledge. Excellent faculty helps you to gain in-depth knowledge of the subject as they opt for a unique approach to learning an integration of the best of online and face-to-face collaborative learning. 

# 2 Great work opportunities

Yes, you read that right, overseas study experience will give you a benefit over other job applicants. Overseas education will be a big boost for your resume as degrees are recognised worldwide. The potential return that overseas education gives is the biggest reasons for students to study abroad. HR managers value international experience highly, as this set of candidates are considered as adaptable, independent, problem solvers and open. 

# 3 Improve your language skills 

Learning or improving foreign language skills is one of the main reasons why many students go abroad. Certainly, being surrounded by people speaking  foreign language and using it on a daily basis can be a great and easy way to improve your language skills. But the success depends on many factors. You can try mentioned below points in order to improve your language skills while studying abroad:

  • Have a basic understanding of the language and jargon before you go to avoid frustration.
  • Go to a dialect-free region to learn the purest language.
  • Try to avoid speaking in your mother tongue or English (if this is not the language you plan on improving).
  • Practice the language as often as you can. Maybe you can get a tutor for free when you teach him or her your native language.
  • Learn the colloquial language as well as some jargon of your field of study to make the most out of your stay abroad.

# 4 Extend your network

Networking is a buzz word for our times. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are just a few social and professional networking sites that help us to stay connected and use our connections as potential resources. Imagine in a couple of years, you have started working with an organization and suddenly your organization wants to expand their business to the country you have studied in. Guess who will be a valuable resource for your company, because you can just pick up the phone and connect with several local people there that can give you valid and accurate information in an instant!!

#5 Experience the culture

Studying abroad will help you to explore a new culture from a deeper perception than ever before. But dealing with this new situation pursuing your overseas education will make you grow and become more open to other perspectives on life. Remember when you return back, shaking your head about the odd behaviour of the people around you: Your way is not better than theirs, it’s just different.

#6 Improvement of knowledge, experience and skills

Students can collaborate, interact and socialise in an environment where they can thrive. Studying abroad definitely provides students a macro understating of the world and keeps them highly competitive by improving their understanding of global culture, economics and their interdependence with exposure to international affairs, politics, and social issues as they learn at the University. The icing on the cake is they earn while they learn, as the option for part-time jobs is always open. Trust us, it’s worth it!!!

# 7 Become independent

Studying overseas will certainly make you independent. You are forced to as you don’t have another choice, swim or drown, live or die… no, it’s not that bad, in fact, it is a great chance. Show them that they were all so wrong about you being a mama’s boy (or girl)! It will feel great! But don’t be afraid, in case of any emergency, you can book a flight and reach your home within 24 hours. 

# 8 Improve your cultural understanding

Different cultures have different perspectives, values, traditions and customs, and living in a different culture will teach you how to behave yourself in this setting. Living in a different culture will help you to adapt to different behaviours and cultural settings. Cultural awareness and adaptability will be a major advantage for you and for your future employer in this globalized world.

#9 Learn about yourself

It is fascinating to see, how people in other countries see your country, learn about the stereotypes they associate with them and how you can influence their impression by your actions. Many people who had gone abroad for overseas education also say that they have learned a great deal about themselves, what is important to them and where they want to go in their life. What will you discover about yourself? 

#10 Create a memory of a lifetime

Spending time abroad while pursuing your overseas education will be a once in life opportunity and those memories will last forever. You will always remember the people you met, the things you experienced and the instances where you made a complete fool out of yourself. We know a lot of people who lived abroad and none of them regret the time they spent abroad. Certainly, there will be difficult times, when you don’t understand the individuals around you, everything is alien and nothing makes sense and moreover, your everyday tasks seem like a mission. But we can tell you from our experience, it is definitely worth it!

We hope you enjoyed these 10 reasons to study abroad and that we provided you with some insights why you should study abroad. Go out there and experience the world, see it as an adventure that you will tell your grand kids about! Sometimes you have to push yourself and then you will be benefited with this awesome experience of overseas education.

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