The Oil You Use To Fry Pakode Can Also Run A Bus, Watch How!

Posted by Our Better World in Environment
November 30, 2017

You may have heard of India’s first biobus launch last year, but imagine starting your car and smelling fried chicken.

“The moment I started the bus, I smelt a whiff of fried chicken,” recalls Made Gusta, one of the pioneer drivers. “I yelled, ‘Who is eating in the bus?’”

Laughing, he says, “It was the first time I believed that this bus could run on cooking oil.”

A few thousand miles away from India, this is the reality for Bali’s Green School’s Bio Bus project. With three bio buses fueled by cooking oil, the school is already setting an example and gaining popularity on the Indonesian island.

Set up in 2015, with the intention to cut carbon emissions and green the island’s transportation system, they are now moving towards driving this green revolution in Bali, and getting more drivers to fill their tanks with biodiesel.

Says a very optimistic Made, “Everyone definitely wants a more progressive Bali, but also one that stays beautiful and healthy.”

Curious to find out how cooking oil turns into biofuel? Then check out the full story here!

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